Jesse Jones is a self-taught Artist of British/Jamaican heritage from Bradford currently based in London. Working in oil paint and pigment ink she creates a dreamlike world that reflects the harmonious and fluid country landscapes of her home in the north, combined with the colourful and vibrant city she is now exploring. 
Having trained as an actor Jesse naturally finds endless inspiration from the people around her and their unique energies. She is particulary passionate about elevating the strength, resilliance and beauty of women, especially women of colour. With a deep love for fantasy and comic art developed in her childhood, Jesse's illustrations have an captivating esscence of freedom and strageness about them.Progressing into oil paint amid her graduation in 2018, she began to paint her friends, the Actors, Poets ,Musicians and Dancers with which she trained at theatre school eager to capture their raw energies in the early stages of their creative journeys. This fascination with painting fellow creatives is something Jesse is still pursuing in her current work.

 She aims to empower her subjects, using her rhythmic brush and line work to interpret the sexual, emotional and organic energies that radiate from within them.